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The blue old couch

After a bad night, morning always comes. A new day. A new chance.

As I sat in my living room sofa to read my Bible while sipping some puertorrican coffee and I believe God gave me some insight in some things in my life.

I walked into the living room and opened one of the windows as days are already getting warmer in Texas. Then I sat in the big couch and realized that a soothing breeze was flowing through the window. So, my response to this was to get up and move to the couch next to that window, the blue old couch.

I realized that I had gained not only a nice breeze but also light. And the thought came to my mind: It is much better to bein the light.

In the Light:
- We know what direction to take, where to go, where to move.
- We know what is surrounding us, good or bad.
- We can see everything clearly.
- We are free to move without fear.
- Attacks are visible from afar.
- We can see who is next to us… and who is not.
- We can see even ourselves much better, just as we are.
- We can see what things need to be done and changes that need to be made.
- We can see which doors are open… and which doors are closed.

Granted, living in the light is much better than living in the dark. It takes work, becaue even though living in the dark is harder, our eyes get used to it and after some time we get accustomed to being in the shadows.

So, it takes a willing heart to take a stand, get up and… move to the blue old couch.

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