American Idol Goes Up, Haley Reinhart Goes Down

Last night was a mildly interesting one on American Idol. No one got any harsh criticism, not even Haley. Count me surprised. Something that is impressive is that Idol was up 23% on the ratings compared to the Top 3 show last year. Not bad for a show that, last year, many expected to die a sudden death. You have to give it to the producers, they did a good job on this season, some of the changes were refreshing and needed. If only we could get a drop of badass-ness from Steven Tyler and have him actually say something that the contestants should work on, that would be gold. I was expecting more from the rockstar of the show.

Things pretty much stayed the same, in my opinion. Scotty bored me, although I have to say, I really like his voice and still think he may be a big country star in the future. Lauren, always appears to be so nervous and all that charm that she has on interviews and such never translates to her performances. I believe she can be great if she learns to put those two together. Haley was fun. I think her performance of “What is and What Should Never Be” by Led Zepellin was great, the best of the night. She was performing the hell out of it, so much so that she stumbled going up the stairs, and just like that she got up and kept singing and swaying. I also enjoyed the chorus parts of “You Oughta Know”, the lower parts were painful, but I thoroughly enjoyed the chorus. Haley Reinhart also counts with the weekly support of Adam Lambert who seems to be a mayor fan, that won’t hurt her either, maybe he can inspire some of his fans to vote for her.

So, who will it be? Will we have a Ladies-Only finale? Can either of the girls beat Scotty? Sound off on the comments. Whatcha’ think?

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See Haley rock the stage and take a tumble below…

Video: Haley Reinhart “What is and What Should Never Be”

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