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This Loud Morning: The Past and Present of David Cook

Believe it or not there was a time when American Idol winners sold more albums than the runner-ups. One of the last winners to enjoy being part of that selective group was David Cook from Season 7. You may remember David Cook, I for sure remember him very well. He wowed the audiences with his amazing interpretations of classics like Hello from Lionel Richie, Eleanor Rigby from the Beatles and Billie Jean from Michael Jackson. He was also the one who started the WBWG(whiteboywithguitar) curse on Idol. For him, this worked; for the ones that followed him… not so much, and the charts have spoken. And yes, I know that Clay Aiken was a runner-up and sold more than Reuben. I am also pretty sure that Scotty McCreery will sell more than Lauren Alaina, if not more than any other male Idol winner. But yes, as male Idol contestants go, David Cook has been one of the more solid and successful ones. I have been able to see him perform live twice and David is a great performer, deserving of his win and success.

David’s debut self-titled album went Platinum selling around 1,345,000 copies.Today, more than two and a half years after his debut, his new album This Loud Morning hits the streets. Many critics have raved about the album acknowledging Cook’s growth from his previous effort.

Will David be able to replicate Kelly Clarkson’s modus operandi? If you can recall, Kelly’s debut album sold around 2 million copies while her follow-up, Breakaway, a very solid record, sold more than 6 million. In a time where sales numbers are usually low compared to previous years it would be exciting for Cook and his fans to see this happen. Why do I mention his fans? Well, as someone who has followed his career closely and seen him live twice I have to say, David has one of the strongest fanbases I have ever seen… VERY strong. It really isn’t too surprising, he seems like a very nice guy and and is very talented.

So, have you heard the album? What are your thoughts on David Cook and his career after Idol?

Brave: New Disney-Pixar Film Trailer

Come Summer 2012 Disney-Pixar will be releasing their latest original film Brave. Earlier today the trailer hit the interwebz and it looks fantastic!

Watch the trailer below!

What do you think?

Lady Gaga Unleashes Her Giant Spider in Japan

The singer performed her current SIngle The Edge of Glory and the title track for her album Born This Way while in Japan, during the MTV Video Music Aid Japan at Chiba City. For some reason this is one of my favorite live Gaga performances, it seems to have a perfect balance of dance and acoustic of both songs, while including snippets of other songs, like Government Hooker. After starting tangled in a hair spiderweb while singing TEOG, Gaga went to a giant piano spider and did an acoustic intro to Born This Way.

Watch the video below!

The X-Factor: Dallas Auditions

September is coming very fast and you know what that means? The X-Factor is coming. We get to see Simon and Paula bickering on screen again… Bliss!

Tonight I’m at one of the Dallas audition shows. After nearly melting waiting in line, easily 100° degrees out there, I made it in.

First song we hear on the speakers while we wait for the show to start… Wild guess?

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor.

Ironic, right? And now? Aerosmith’s Walk This Way! It’s a Fox show after all.

Got to see Simon and LA Reid while waiting, if Paula had gone out she would’ve clearly melted.

We are being told how things will work. The warm-up guy is telling us all about the audience being the fifth judge. We just sang Happy Birthday to one of the crew guys. Guy is telling us not to outright boo but show if someone sucks by saying other stuff. Interesting. Hard to not boo if someone sucks. The guy is doing pretty good, funny for the most part.

Host Steve Jones from the UK coming soon, then the Judges and finally the auditions.

There were some really great performers, especially forklift guy and rugby girl! Pretty sure we’ll see some of them on the show!
These two really impressed the judges and the audience was going nuts!

First Listen: Christina Aguilera + Adam Levine = Moves Like Jagger

Well, here we go! A few weeks back it was rumored that Xtina and Adam Levine were recording a song together and today we get the first listen of the song: Move like Jagger. Loving the sound of this! Their voices mesh very nicely and the beats are hot!

What do you think of the song from the superstar coaches of The Voice?

Beyoncé Covers Queen and Kings of Leon

Beyonce covered Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire during a Glastonbury warm up show in France. I really wish there was a high quality version of this, but watch the video below to see Sasha Fierce in action!

Ps. I really wish when people record singer in concert they would abstain from singing, so you can actually hear the singer better. :)

Weird Al Yankovic presents Perform This Way – Lady Gaga Parody

It is finally here!

After a tiny amount of drama a few months back when Yankovic released a statement regarding Lady Gaga not allowing him to release a parody of her song Born This Way, which was then all cleared as a misunderstanding, we finally have a video to go along the wonderful lyrics.

I gotta say, Weird Al looks Fierce! Ha!

Read the full lyrics after the jump!

Continue Reading…

Britney Spears Unleashes Her Lip-Synching Super Powers

There we go! On the teaser for her new video, for her song I Wanna Go, Britney Spears does the unfathomable, she releases her inner beast and dares to pull her mic away from her mouth to attack the Paparazzi… because as we all know… she really doesn’t use that microphone. :)

Watch the teaser below!

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