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Charlize Theron is a Badass Evil Queen

In case you didn’t know there are two Snow White movies coming out soon. One of them has Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, the other one has Charlize Theron. I am a big fan of both ladies, but by the looks of this trailer I doubt that Roberts will come close to Theron. Snow White and The Huntsman stars Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart (meh) and Chris Hemworth in a dark twist of the loved fairytale. I am very thankful that at least the trailer features Charlize more than Kristen biting her lip again, and again, and again. The special effects and darkness of the movie mixed with the awesomeness that is Charlize Theron will make me forget that Bella is even in the movie. After all, in the real story… Snow White dies, right? #wishfulthinking ;)

Watch the Queen in all its terror below!

Funny Lady Melissa McCarthy to Host SNL

One of my favorite funny ladies at the moment , Melissa McCarthy, will be hosting Saturday Night Live when they come back for their 37th season. You may remember Melissa as one of the ladies on the summer box office hit Bridesmaids. Regarding Melissa, I started watching Samanta Who? on Netflix last week and was surprised to see her there as well. She was just nominated for an Emmy for her role on CBS’s comedy ‘Mike & Molly.

The 37th season of SNL premieres on the fall with Alec Baldwin as a host. Baldwin will break Steve Martin’s record hosting the show for 16 times.

Are you looking forward to see Melissa on SNL?

First Photos of Bane on The Dark Knight Rises

The first photos of  Tom Hardy as Bane on The Dark Knight Rises have hit the interwebz. And well, they just tease us even more on wanting to watch what it is all about. Tom Hardy looks like he is 7 feet tall and very menacing. I am pretty sure that it will look even more menacing in the movie, since the photos don’t look too grim.

What do you think?


The Hunger Games: Official Motion Poster

I really can’t wait for this movie! The books were amazing. I am seriously considering starting them again! Look at the awesome motion poster below!



Click here if you can’t see the poster!

The Dark Knight Rises Official Poster

I have to say, Summer 2012, seems so far away and this makes it even worse. The official poster for the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, has been revealed and the teaser trailer will supposedly come out this week with the Harry Potter premier. I can’t wait.

Brave: New Disney-Pixar Film Trailer

Come Summer 2012 Disney-Pixar will be releasing their latest original film Brave. Earlier today the trailer hit the interwebz and it looks fantastic!

Watch the trailer below!

What do you think?

Quick Thoughts on X-Men:First Class

I am a little behind on watching this film, since I was waiting to see it when my brother came to visit from Puerto Rico. I finally got to see it with him yesterday and thanks to Groupon we got tickets to see it very cheap. I am a big fan of superhero movies, especially the ones from the Marvel Universe. I used to collect Marvel trading cards and knew pretty much all the heroes and villains, I’m a little rusty on my knowledge about them now. From DC Comics my favorite is Batman, he’s actually my favorite superhero. But enough of that, here are some quick impressions on the new X-Men movie.

  • Loved the idea of a prequel. It really gave us a good grip on how it all started.
  • I always love when they show the superheroes displaying their mutant powers, pretty sure it is my favorite part of the X-Men movies. Just seeing them and thinking “oh yeah, I remember him now”.
  • The fact that they showed less known superheroes was great, I’m glad they showed people like Banshee, Havoc and Emma Frost.
  • I wasn’t a big fan of Beast after his full transformation. His makeup reminded me of Mike Myers in Cat in the Hat or Jim Carrey in The Grinch. Beast was more badass on previous movies.

  • One of my favorite story lines in the movie was Mystique’s, her struggle between living as her blue mutant self or fitting society’s image are struggles which viewers can identify with.
  • Michael Fassbender did a pretty good job as Magneto, he really showcased the fight within between choosing right or wrong, a hero or a villain, and the agony he carried because of his past.
  • The first many of us saw of James McAvoy was as Tumnus in Chronicles of Narnia but he did very well on this film. I also love him on Wanted.
  • I enjoyed that the movie didn’t rely on explosions to just be “cool”, it had some good stories that can lend themselves to be further developed in more movies.
  • The movie had less marketing and promotion behind it than previous X-Men movies which were everywhere. In my opinion it deserved to be promoted better because it is one of the most solid ones  in the franchise. It even has an 87% Certified Fresh rating on

Overall, X-Men: First Class was very enjoyable, a film that everyone in the family will like, even if you are not really into comic books.

Should you watch it? Yes!

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

X-Men: Born This Way

I am a big fan of Marvel superheroes. Especially of the X-Men. And I’m also a fan of Lady Gaga, put those two together and you get the video below. Enjoy!

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