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Quick Thoughts on X-Men:First Class

I am a little behind on watching this film, since I was waiting to see it when my brother came to visit from Puerto Rico. I finally got to see it with him yesterday and thanks to Groupon we got tickets to see it very cheap. I am a big fan of superhero movies, especially the ones from the Marvel Universe. I used to collect Marvel trading cards and knew pretty much all the heroes and villains, I’m a little rusty on my knowledge about them now. From DC Comics my favorite is Batman, he’s actually my favorite superhero. But enough of that, here are some quick impressions on the new X-Men movie.

  • Loved the idea of a prequel. It really gave us a good grip on how it all started.
  • I always love when they show the superheroes displaying their mutant powers, pretty sure it is my favorite part of the X-Men movies. Just seeing them and thinking “oh yeah, I remember him now”.
  • The fact that they showed less known superheroes was great, I’m glad they showed people like Banshee, Havoc and Emma Frost.
  • I wasn’t a big fan of Beast after his full transformation. His makeup reminded me of Mike Myers in Cat in the Hat or Jim Carrey in The Grinch. Beast was more badass on previous movies.

  • One of my favorite story lines in the movie was Mystique’s, her struggle between living as her blue mutant self or fitting society’s image are struggles which viewers can identify with.
  • Michael Fassbender did a pretty good job as Magneto, he really showcased the fight within between choosing right or wrong, a hero or a villain, and the agony he carried because of his past.
  • The first many of us saw of James McAvoy was as Tumnus in Chronicles of Narnia but he did very well on this film. I also love him on Wanted.
  • I enjoyed that the movie didn’t rely on explosions to just be “cool”, it had some good stories that can lend themselves to be further developed in more movies.
  • The movie had less marketing and promotion behind it than previous X-Men movies which were everywhere. In my opinion it deserved to be promoted better because it is one of the most solid ones  in the franchise. It even has an 87% Certified Fresh rating on

Overall, X-Men: First Class was very enjoyable, a film that everyone in the family will like, even if you are not really into comic books.

Should you watch it? Yes!

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Affected by The Hunger Games: A Quick Spoiler-less Review

Have you ever read a book that left you a little distraught? This just happened to me and I really don’t know why.

I started reading the Hunger Games at the end of last year, then when I was done with that one I quickly downloaded Catching Fire the second book on the Trilogy and read a couple of pages but forgot about it. Last week I took it back and finished it on Sunday. I, again, quickly downloaded the third and final book on the trilogy: Mockingjay. This one I devoured. It’s Tuesday and I just finished it, I immersed myself in it. When I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about it, thinking about what would happen next, thinking about the different characters and how they would translate to the movie that is already in the making.

If you haven’t heard of the Hunger Games trilogy, I highly recommend it. The story is thrilling and easy to get involved in it, it speaks to many human qualities that we, even though to a minor extent, could easily experience in our lives. I won’t give any spoilers but the books basically tell the story of a future America, now called Panem. The country has been divided in 12 districts with the Capitol ruling all of them with an iron hand. Every year the Hunger Games take place, two tributes, a boy and a girl are selected to take part of this competition that ends with only one winner alive. This is the way that the capitol reminds every district that they are the ones in control. I could say more, expound on all the happenings that have been twirling in my brain for a while but I will give you the chance to grab the book and disappear to Panem for a while without me spoiling it.

At the end of the series there could’ve been several outcomes. I for sure wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen. There was no perfect ending set on my mind because the nature of the book didn’t allow me to establish a concrete resolution. I just keep thinking about how it all ended and the reasoning behind it from the author’s perspective. Am I happy about it? Not sure. I just had to vent about it here because I don’t seem to keep my mind off it.

I am pretty sure that the Hunger Games movies will be a hit when they come out. The books are filled with beautiful and strong imagery that should translate well to the screen. I am never too happy with how movies sometimes leave parts that for me where important to the story but have grown accustomed to it. It must be hard for the screenwriters to edit a book into two hours. It will be great to see such a compelling story of human struggle, emotions and the fight for survival.

Have you read the Hunger Games? What did you think? If not, you should… get it below, the Kindle Edition is just $5.00!

The Hunger Games

Get the Mockingjay Pin Here

Alma: Pixar Meets The Twilight Zone

Awesome short film. A little creepy.

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

The Avatar Dream

I like dreamers. What I like even more is people that stick to their dreams when everything tells them their dream is impossible. I have dreams, some are so big that I won’t even share them with most people, but I believe something is brewing and I will put the pieces of the puzzle together soon enough.

Having said that I read this article that I want to share. I am not the biggest fan of Avatar, saw it twice mainly because the first time I had just finished dinner and was so full I was falling asleep. I think the movie is a masterpiece in its technology and beauty, I love colors and there were plenty of colorful things there. Now, after reading this article I appreciate the movie even more. Avatar was a dream that if the dreamer had been too fast in making it there’s a chance it would’ve been a huge mistake.

In 1977, a 22-year-old truck driver named James Cameron went to see Star Wars with a pal. His friend enjoyed the movie; Cameron walked out of the theater ready to punch something. He was a college dropout and spent his days delivering school lunches in Southern California’s Orange County. But in his free time, he painted tiny models and wrote science fiction — stories set in galaxies far, far away. Now he was facing a deflating reality: He had been daydreaming about the kind of world that Lucas had just brought to life. Star Wars was the film he should have made.

It got him so angry he bought himself some cheap movie equipment and started trying to figure out how Lucas had done it. He infuriated his wife by setting up blindingly bright lights in the living room and rolling a camera along a track to practice dolly shots. He spent days scouring the USC library, reading everything he could about special effects. He became, in his own words, “completely obsessed.”

Read the rest of the article on Wired.

Validation: Short Movie


A friend sent me this video and I really enjoyed it. How often do we have the need to feel validated? How often do we validate others instead of criticizing them? I believe that we hold in our hand the power to change lives… it can start with one validation at a time.

This short movie brings the topic of validation with a hint of comedy and bunches of creativity. It shows how words can transform someone’s life. A very funny, romantic and heart warming video.


I rented the movie “Maldeamores” tonight. It is a Puerto Rican movie which basically tells some stories of love and suffering. I really didn’t know what to expect but the movie was really good. It was a bit nostalgic in the sense that it brought to memory day to day scenes that I experienced mostly during my childhood. Something that I enjoyed is that the acting wasn’t corny or superficial, it was real and loud as it was supposed to be to better portray Puerto Rico. Well, I don’t feel like writing a lot, mainly because it’s 3:21 am. But overall, the movie, produced by Benicio del Toro and with an all Puerto Rican cast was the best portrayal of rural Puerto Rico that I’ve ever seen on film.

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