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James Durbin looks for Advice from… Adam Lambert?

If you follow American Idol as I do, you may have heard comparisons between James Durbin and season 8′s runner up, Adam Lambert. Since the beginning of the season this has been a constant topic of war conversation on twitter between fans of both. Other than reaching high notes, I don’t think they are too much alike. It got to the point that, allegedly, James Durbin blasted Adam Lambert in some interviews after Adam said in an interview that he was “kind of over James” in the competition. So, last night , in a surprise to many James Durbin decided it was time to play nice and… on Twitter. Read how the conversation went below. I don’t know what to make of it, it seems a bit needy. But then again, hopefully something good will come from this.

What do you think? Needy? Nice?

Glass Shattering Duet: Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera?

Enjoy your glass windows while you have them because rumor has it that Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera have recorded a duet. No details have been given if this will be for Adam’s new album, Christina’s or some other project.

The rumor started with a tweet from a Florida radio station that stated the following:

“Uhhh not sure if this is out yet but a little birdie just told us that @adamlambert has recorded a song with Christina Aguilera. ;) ”.

I, for one, I’m looking forward to this, hopefully it’s true.

What do you think?

It’s An American Idol Hoedown







This is it. American Idol season 10 is coming to an end. It’s been a good season, not great, but pretty good. The addition of the new judges along with some interesting contestants helped Idol not only stay alive but excel over last year’s ratings. Yes, you heard that right. This season had more viewers than last year’s, which had Simon Cowell as a judge. Count me surprised.

Overall, I believe the judges where good at selecting the contestants this season. The group was solid, so much so, that in a couple of instances the public was shocked when contestants were booted. Casey Abrams, one of the strongest musicians Idol has seen was given the judges’ save early on, which didn’t fare well for the season’s chanteuse, Pia Toscano, who in my opinion is a beautiful, talented and mildly boring performer who has the looks of a hot Kardashian sister. And even though the group was very varied, regarding musical styles, the girls were dropping like flies. Which doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing that the last three seasons of Idol have been won by boys.

Last season I got bored early on. I had a favorite, Siobhan Magnus, but I wasn’t hooked to the show the way I was on David Cook’s or Adam Lambert’s season. Say what you want about Fantasia, but she made we want to see every show of her season, because of how great of a performer she was. Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice kept me hooked all season long. But, last season could not do that. This season, I have been pretty consistent but what I find interesting is that it took me a while to root for someone. Yes, there were contestants that I thought were talented, cute, or had what it takes to make it big, but a favorite? No. Then, Haley Reinhart took that spot. I believe it happened when she and Casey did a duet on Moanin’. That was so hot. Add that to the judges being hard on her and some risky song choices and there I hopped on the bandwagon. And now she’s gone.

This leave us with two contestants who were basically named winners since their auditions. I am not mad, they are good kids and with the right amount of help could make it big. American Idol needs this. In order to solidify the show after the changes made for this season, they need a winner who will sell music. Lauren Alaina, can be very marketable and if she decides to break out and leave the insecurities about her voice behind, she can sell. But, I don’t think she will be able to beat Scotty McCreery. Not on Idol, not on sales. I remember on one of the first shows thinking: “This guy is going to be big”. I seldom like country music and I downloaded some of his songs off iTunes. After two winners who were outshone by their runner ups, Kris Allen by Adam Lambert and Lee Dewyze by Crystal Bowersox, American Idol needs a winner. Someone who will get the title and sell the music. And the winner will be… a country singer. For those that don’t believe a country artist can’t make it big after Idol, see Carrie Underwood. For those that think that a country teenager can’t make it big, see Taylor Swift.

What do you think? Who will win? Do any of this year’s contestants have what it takes to make it BIG?

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Funny, Inspiring and Creative Websites for When You’re Bored

Whenever I’m not reading a good book, or there’s nothing on TV, or when I’m about to sleep and need some site to make me laugh, think, or stop me from counting sheep, there are some sites I always run to. I like them because there is not a whole lot of text to read, just images and quick captions, so you don’t need to get too involved. So, here is my collection of funny, inspiring and creative websites.

PostSecret – People send postcards with their deepest secrets. Some are sad, some are funny, most will make you think.

Abduzeedo – I love graphic design and art. This site has some amazing images, and their Daily Inspiration series is great.

AcidCow - A buttload of funny pictures and videos.

Damn You Auto Correct - Have you ever sent a message on your phone and the autocorrect made you seem like a fool? Yes. This site has hundred of hilarious posts like that.

LameBook – I have mentioned this one before, but had to mention it again because it’s the one I check every single day. People post stupid stuff on Facebook, they compile them for our viewing pleasure.

Urlesque – This is one of my favorite sites, if anything funny, amazing or worthy of notice is happening online, they have it.

Nick Holmes – This guy posts some very, very funny pictures all day long.

Taste of Awesome – Some very funny images, with very clever captions.

Found Magazine - A collection of photos of cool things that people find.

Toxel - A great collection of inspired  and very creative designs.

If you are a fan of any of these artists or shows, the following sites will give you plenty of images of them I really like them.
F*ck yeah Lady Gaga
F*ck Yeah Harajuku Barbie – Nicki Minaj
F*ck Yeah Adam Lambert
F*ck Yeah Liz Lemon -  A growing collections of images and clips of one of my favorite funny ladies, Tina fey, in her role as Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. 

F*ck Yeah Parks and Rec
F*ck Yeah Will and Grace
F*ck Yeah Modern Family
F*ck Yeah Glee

Any website I should have here or need to check out? Hit me up in the comments!

American Idol Goes Up, Haley Reinhart Goes Down

Last night was a mildly interesting one on American Idol. No one got any harsh criticism, not even Haley. Count me surprised. Something that is impressive is that Idol was up 23% on the ratings compared to the Top 3 show last year. Not bad for a show that, last year, many expected to die a sudden death. You have to give it to the producers, they did a good job on this season, some of the changes were refreshing and needed. If only we could get a drop of badass-ness from Steven Tyler and have him actually say something that the contestants should work on, that would be gold. I was expecting more from the rockstar of the show.

Things pretty much stayed the same, in my opinion. Scotty bored me, although I have to say, I really like his voice and still think he may be a big country star in the future. Lauren, always appears to be so nervous and all that charm that she has on interviews and such never translates to her performances. I believe she can be great if she learns to put those two together. Haley was fun. I think her performance of “What is and What Should Never Be” by Led Zepellin was great, the best of the night. She was performing the hell out of it, so much so that she stumbled going up the stairs, and just like that she got up and kept singing and swaying. I also enjoyed the chorus parts of “You Oughta Know”, the lower parts were painful, but I thoroughly enjoyed the chorus. Haley Reinhart also counts with the weekly support of Adam Lambert who seems to be a mayor fan, that won’t hurt her either, maybe he can inspire some of his fans to vote for her.

So, who will it be? Will we have a Ladies-Only finale? Can either of the girls beat Scotty? Sound off on the comments. Whatcha’ think?

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See Haley rock the stage and take a tumble below…

Continue Reading…

Fact: James Durbin is Not Adam Lambert or Chris Daughtry

Did you watch last night’s episode of American Idol? If you didn’t, well James Durbin was eliminated. And he cried, and cried, and cried. I mean, I have never seen a contestant cry so much on the Idol stage. He must’ve really wanted it, or on his own words he really wanted people to “give metal a chance”. I am not making fun of him, it’s his dream, but I for one wasn’t shocked or sad that he was eliminated. He was never my favorite contestant this season, and God knows I’ve been changing favorites since it all started.

James is not Adam. And that is that. Yes, there have been many comparisons because both of them hit high notes, but come on. Love him or hate him, you just need to look back at Adam’s Idol performances and notice the difference. Adam Lambert was a full on entertainer on that stage. He would totally transform himself and surprise people while doing it. Not only that, he was a trending topic on Twitter pretty much every Idol night. Why? Because he had something James didn’t have, the ability to make people talk and talk… and talk. And to be fair, Adam hit the notes better than James, just saying.

James is not Daughtry. This comes from someone who is not a fan of Daughtry. People go crazy saying that he will be okay and that this was the week that Daughtry got eliminated so he will be fine. Eh, not so fast. Two totally different artists. Yes, I believe it can happen, but I don’t believe James has showcased enough variety to get signed by a record label on a heartbeat. I’m not saying that it will not happen, but there is something that I’ve seen before, in Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson, that made me think: This person is going to be very famous. I just didn’t see that.

Metal? I know that it is hard to showcase you are the god of metal on a show of American Idol. Sometimes you just have to get by with wearing a metal shirt while singing Smokey Robinson. But, this persona, I just didn’t get from James. I didn’t feel like he could be the next metal big thing… if metal is even planning on making a comeback.

People got lazy? I saw this on Twitter last night, people saying that voters got lazy and thought he was safe so didn’t vote. Eh, well 72 million votes makes me think that something here doesn’t make an incredible amount of sense. I was upset with the judges critique on Haley, but that seems to be working for her in two aspects. It has made her come back stronger in her second performance and it may be making people fill sorry for her, therefore getting her more votes.

So, here we go. Top 3. This season of Idol has been more interesting than last one, to say the least. For the first time since Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle there are two females on this stage of the game. Yes, Scotty may end up getting it all. We know all the ladies may flood to him since James is gone. I personally think he can be a big country star, not my cup of tea but yeah I see him as one of those that can bring it. Lauren Alaina showed something on her duet with Haley last night that I’ve been waiting for her to show. She owned that performance, she looked like she was having fun and not scared as she usually does. If she keeps it like this, the odds can be on her favor. And Finally there is Haley Reinhart, the contestant with the most unique voice, yes, some people don’t like the growl, but I believe that if led in the right direction she can take the whole thing and even sell a couple albums. That is if someone gets her a new stylist and does something better with her hair. Just my two cents.

What do you think? Who will take it all?

Who Will Win American Idol?

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I leave you with one of Adam’s breakthrough performances!

Theory: Haley Reinhart Destroys American Idol

Season 10 of American Idol started with a lot of assumptions. Many thought that ratings were gonna plummet and since Simon was no more, Idol was no more. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about it all. I loved Simon, and agreed with his critique at least 90% of the time, until his last season at least. Being a follower of Idol since its beginning I wasn’t just gonna stop watching before giving it another chance. Actually I kinda stopped watching last season because it was boring. But I wanted to see what the dynamic was with new judges and a “fresh” face.

I was surprised. Why? Because I liked what I saw. Steven Tyler brought fun and cussing. Jennifer Lopez brought the pretty and Randy, well, Randy is Randy. Take that as you may. The talent seemed interesting and good. American Idol was entertaining again. Even in the beginning of the top twelve rounds my appreciation for J-Lo grew, she was giving some really good advice. That lasted… one week. Then Casey was saved, very early in the competition. Which was okay, because he is a good artist. And the girls started dropping like flies, as they usually do on Idol for years now. And then, the elimination that “shocked” the nation. Pia, the beatiful, kardashian-like songstress got the boot. In hindsight, I can say I am not that shocked anymore, she was a little boring. Should she have lasted longer than Jacob and Stefano? A thousand times yes.

And then there was Haley. What can I say; I didn’t love Haley at first. I guess I have the judges to thank for that. Yes, she’s had some shaky moments but the judges nail her at every single chance they have. Let me explain. I am not opposed to criticism, that’s what they are there for. But it seems like they (Randy and Jennifer, especially Randy) gang up on the girl. The judges this season have been criticized for not being hard enough on the contestants so, apparently they mustered all their strength against one contestant. No matter how bad, boring, pitchy the others are. Last night it truly showed how little Randy cared for her being in the competition, when asked by Ryan who won the first round he literally said:”It was a tie between James, Scotty and Lauren”. Way to go, douchebag.

Haley is pissed. But just look at her, even her stylist is not doing her any favors anymore. The first few weeks she started looking good. Showing off her legs, dressing pretty and now, not even that. She is taking more risks than others and singing the hell out of her songs. She won me over on her duet with Casey singing Moanin’. And after that, she’s had some solid performances that have kept her in. I would not be surprised if she gets eliminated today. I mean, the judges murder her with critique and try to redeem it by giving her a standing ovation. Meh.  Do I think she’ll have an amazing career after this? No idea. There’s two people that once I saw them I knew they were going to be big, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. With Haley, I’m just not sure. But she is doing a great job exposing Idol as a machine where the judges pull things the way that producers want. And well, it makes people talk. It even made me write this post. James could win, because the producers may think this will redeem themselves from letting Adam Lambert come in second place. Scotty may win because Country music is hot with Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood y’all. Lauren Alaina may win because it would give Steven Tyler credibility since the first time he saw her he said: winner. Even though she’s been SO boring and scared.

I still think that Adam Lambert was the one that broke American Idol. But Haley, who Adam supports, is doing her best to expose the crapfest at the judges table and making the 10 year juggernaut stumble, just by singing.


What do you think? Who do you think will win American Idol Season 10?

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Adam Lambert Glamnation Tour – Dallas (photos)

It’ no surprise that I’m a fan of  Adam Lambert, this week I got to see him and Allison Iraheta at the Palladium Ballroom here in Dallas. It was a great show, very energetic and fun. Even the waiting was fun; people fainted, old ladies getting their crazy on, gorgeous people in the crowd and good music.

My camera wasn’t working with me that day so I gave up and didn’t get as many great pictures as I did in Gaga’s concert(pics here). The concert was really good, it was no Gaga, but good in all its right. Some of the pics I ended up taking with my iPhone and they ended up being pretty good.

Here you go!



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