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Lady Gaga at 25, What Makes Her Different

While most pop singers collaborate with other contemporary artists, there is something different about Lady Gaga. At times it’s hard for me to remember that Lady Gaga is just 25 years old. Not only is she a record breaking artist, named one of the most influential people in the world and a fashion icon, she also plays with the big guys.

On her latest album, Born This Way, she collaborated with Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen, and Brian May, guitar player for Queen. And yes, her hit Telephone was a duet with Beyoncé who is a contemporary, but that is not all Lady Gaga is about. Lately she is sought after for collaborations with artists who are legends in the music industry.

During the 2010 Grammy’s Gaga performed a fantastic duet with Elton John in which they meshed their songs Speechless and Your Song. She wrote a song, The Greatest Thing, which is expected to be released this year being sung by Cher and her. Last week, she performed with Sting and again this past weekend for his Birthday. And she also performed a duet with Tony Bennett on his new album, singing The Lady is a Tramp, which you can watch below.

There are many reasons why I love Lady Gaga as an artist, and this is one of them, she loves what she does. Yes, she loves shocking people with her performances and fashion, but at the core all that she does is based on her love for music and art. She is flashy and crazy because she loves it, but give her a piano and a mic and she will still blow you away. Thing that many artists with great success are unable to do. Actually, some of my favorite Gaga performances are when it’s just her and the piano. Add to that the fact that she is an amazing songwriter and that, for me, is what tells me that her career will be a very long and successful one.

But again, can you really believe she is just 25? Wow.

Lady Gaga Sings Her New Single On The View

This morning Lady Gaga was on co-hosting The View and also performing her current single as well as her new single, Yoü and I.

I love Lady Gaga as an artist and her outlandish antics but what I like the most is when she just sits on the piano and just rocks a song. Watch her performance of Yoü and I below with matching outfit, glasses, hat and piano.

Lady Gaga Wearing… Normal Clothes!!!

Have you heard of Lady Gaga? Well, who hasn’t? And yes, every time we see a photo of her on TV, online or virtually anywhere you can expect little clothes, leather, latex, crazy wigs etc. Well, it’s time to be surprised. Lady Gaga was seen landing on the US after a promotional tour for her latest album, Born This Way, all over the world with… a dress. Not only that, but also a black wig, a briefcase, and “normal” heels. Yes, it’s true!

What do you think?

Lady Gaga Unleashes Her Giant Spider in Japan

The singer performed her current SIngle The Edge of Glory and the title track for her album Born This Way while in Japan, during the MTV Video Music Aid Japan at Chiba City. For some reason this is one of my favorite live Gaga performances, it seems to have a perfect balance of dance and acoustic of both songs, while including snippets of other songs, like Government Hooker. After starting tangled in a hair spiderweb while singing TEOG, Gaga went to a giant piano spider and did an acoustic intro to Born This Way.

Watch the video below!

Weird Al Yankovic presents Perform This Way – Lady Gaga Parody

It is finally here!

After a tiny amount of drama a few months back when Yankovic released a statement regarding Lady Gaga not allowing him to release a parody of her song Born This Way, which was then all cleared as a misunderstanding, we finally have a video to go along the wonderful lyrics.

I gotta say, Weird Al looks Fierce! Ha!

Read the full lyrics after the jump!

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Lady Gaga Goes Bald

As part of her promotional tour, Lady Gaga, stopped by the the Paul O’ Grady show and performed five of her songs. In a very interesting turn of events, she performed her song Hair with… no hair. At least for the first half of the song Gaga appeared bald and put on her wig at the end of the song. Watch this and the other performances and great interviews where she talks about her childhood, bullying, revenge, fashion, the future and more below.


More performances and interviews after the jump…

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Lady Gaga: The Laurieann Gibson Fiasco


If you have ever watched Laurieann Gibson’s show The Dance Scene on E!, you know by now that girl packs some attitude. This was clearly on display minutes after the release of Lady Gaga’s new video for her latest single The Edge of Glory. The internet was abuzz with dissatisfaction over the video that lacked the outlandish quality of pretty much all of Gaga’s prior videos. The new video presented Lady Gaga in what appeared to be a New York city alley, dancing outside her apartment window and all over the fire escape. There were no dancers, actually there were no other humans, other than short clips of Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen’s sax player, who sat in some stairs for part of the video but wasn’t shown to a large scale in her solo part of the song. The video, which carries an 80′s vibe and belongs to a song that Gaga has called one of her most intimate one, dedicated to her Grandfather was underwhelming if compared to Gaga’s previous masterpieces like Bad Romance, Telephone, Paparazzi and even Born This way.

And then it happened, Little Monsters everywhere started lashing out on Twitter to someone who may have been involved in how it all turned out: Laurieann Gibson. You would think that someone who has constantly worked with stars like Gaga, would understand the power of social media. Apparently she didn’t. As fans vomited their criticism through twitter, she lashed back at them in a not so classy way. According to one of her tweets the video was apparently scratched and redone again without her help or Joseph Kahn’s who is rumored to have walked off the set.

Laurieann Gibson, or Boomkack as she is also known, replied to some of the tweets calling Gaga fans ignorants, sick, “disrespectful f*cks” and retweeted some tweets that said the video was disappointing. I am not sure but some harsher tweets from her appeared to have vanished from her timeline. Things got so bad that #FireBoomkack ended on Twitter’s trending topics. Here is the thing, Gaga’s fan base is a very strong one and more than often she mentions how important her little monsters are to her.

Personally, I don’t think Lady Gaga would be happy with Boomkack’s responses to them. Or, who knows, maybe she knows something we don’t, and it’s all a show for Gaga and behind the scenes this is how they talk about the fans, I doubt it but I mean, it’s all show business. Yes, Laurieann may have been of help to Gaga as her choreographer, but let’s be honest, Gaga doesn’t really need her. She, without a doubt, has a world of choreographers dying to work with her.

If you haven’t watched the subdued video, you can watch it here.

What do you think about this situation? Will Lady Gaga comment about it? Will Laurieann Gibson be fired? Has she already been fired?

New Video: Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory

As #theedgeonfox and #ontheedgewithyou trended on Twitter, little monsters everywhere got ready to watch Lady Gaga’s new video on the results show of “So You Think You Can Dance”. The video was also released on Youtube and you can watch it below.

It was also announced that Gaga will be a judge on SYTYCD soon!

Interesting. Nothing like any of her previous videos, maybe because she has mentioned that this is a very personal song for her she decided to not have dancers or a huge production. It did reminded me how great the Judas video really is.


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