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Ellen DeGeneres Replaces Paula Abdul on Idol

Ellen DeGeneres

Who knew? A close friend sent me a message early last evening telling me that Ellen Degeneres has been selected as a replacement for Paula Abdul as the fourth judge on American Idol, to which I answered: Liar. Then he confirmed it with the direct link to the tweet from @FoxBroadcasting.

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 10.32.46 AM

After checking that and going to Ellen’s website and confirm it I was very happy for the selection. I apologized for calling my friend a liar, he gave me a little bit of drama, Ha!

So, why do I like this selection so much? Here is my opinion…

  • Ellen, like myself, has been following Idol since it started. And for what I’ve seen in her show, the day after Idol airs, she always has a valid opinion. In some occasions she agrees with Simon, in some she bashes him with a bit of love, which will make for a great dynamic.
  • Ellen is not in the music industry, but knows music from a consumer’s perspective, which is something that Idol has been lacking. I really believe she can be the voice of the people as a judge on Idol.
  • Ellen is funny, not “loopy, I’m drugged” funny, she has built a career on being funny and this could be great for a show that in the past seasons has started to show some wear.
  • Ellen is nice. Let’s get real, how many of Paula’s comments were a direct result of her long career in the music business, which by the way was revived by Idol? Not many, so I don’t see why people are fighting because of Ellen’s lack of experience. I’m pretty sure she won’t be saying to the contestants… You look beautiful, your hair looks great and other crappy comments.
  • Ellen is powerful. Come on, she is a star on her own right. She has one of the most famous talk shows out there, she is a spoke model for a cosmetic line that after using her went to 1st place in sales, she has won several Emmy’s and let’s not forget Idol IS a TV Show.
  • Ellen is gay. American Idol is a pretty gay show, and it became a lot gay-er last season with Adam Lambert. I am pretty sure that a big chunk of Idol’s demographics is gay, and that will grow even more now.
  • Ellen is coherent, to be a comedian you need to have a sharp mind and Ellen has one. I have to say, even though I enjoyed some of Paula’s train-wrecks I usually fast forwarded through them on my DVR.

So, what is your opinion? Good? Bad? OK? Who would you have chosen instead?

Dot visits Okra, I mean, Oprah.

This is another of my all time favorite MadTv Videos. Dot, played by Stephnie Weir, is hilarious and Debra Wilson does a great impression of Oprah. Enjoy!


Craig Ferguson Rocks


Every night after I get back from work I turn on the TV.  A few years ago I started watching Craig Ferguson and was very impressed with his humor and his interviewing style. His monologue is one of the funniest out there and he has a way of sometimes keeping a topic of his monologue running through the whole show, be it sharks, germans or some celebrity. I used to watch Conan when his show was competing against Craig, but got tired of his style of humor too quickly. Now that Jimmy Fallon just started a few months ago with his show I gave it a few tries and was very disappointed. In my opinion it was painful to watch, so I stopped. Craig’s interview style is different, the first thing he does when his guest sits down is to shred the cards with questions for the interview, then  he goes on into a free conversation with the guest, a very fun conversation I may add.

For 3 consecutive weeks David Letterman has been ahead of Conan O’ Brien in the ratings. Not only that, for those three weeks Craig Ferguson has also been ahead of Jimmy Fallon on his show. I am not surprised, actually I’m glad that Craig is getting some recognition. If you don’t watch it, give it a try, I bet it will make you laugh and even in some cases reflect about life, like one of the episodes when he acknowledge his drinking problems of the past and how for that reason he does not joke about people with addictions.

“What is a book? A book is a very long Twitter”. – Craig Ferguson

Adam is Back… Kradam is Here!


Adam Lambert wasn’t on Twitter for the last few weeks because someone had hacked into his account. Today he was able to get it back and his fans went crazy! After posting two bubbletweets, his fan just wouldn’t stop tweeting about him. In his second bubbletweet he was with Kris, this prompted his and Adam’s fans to tweet about Kradam making it one of the trending topic son Twitter.

So here you see the trending topics: #adamisback, #fianllyadam which was born when Adam mispelled the word “finally” when he created his Twitter account and the last one, Kradam for Kris and Adam.

Picture 3

Here are some of my Kradam photos from the Dallas Concert…

If you want to see more photos from the American Idol Concert, check these:
The Adam Lambert Show 1
The Adam Lambert Show 2

And there you have it… Kradam made it to the Number 1 Trending Topic!

Picture 5

Save Paula?

Save Paula

Last night Paula Abdul announced through Twitter that she will not be returning to American Idol. This is after a couple of months of apparently being in negotiations with Fox for the renewal of her contract. As you may know, Ryan Seacrest got his contract renewed for 45 million dollars for 3 years, some sources say that Simon Cowell may have gotten his renewed for 50 millions or more and Paula apparently was not happy with what was being offered to her. This Monday it was announced that Kara Dioguardi, who has been a judge in the show since last year, will be returning for next season. But everyone was still mum on Paula’s decision. Which felt like it took longer than getting to a decision in the 2000 Presidential Election. Florida, may or may not be involved on this one… as far as we know.

People on Twitter and on the media are crying out for Fox to save Paula. Really? Paula should save herself, even if Fox offers her 10 million dollars a year she should take it because frankly I don’t see where else she could be making the money or the publicity she gets on Idol. If Paula Abdul had not come to American Idol we would not be hearing a lot about her, this show revived her career. Believe me, I was a big fan of Paula and her music and had fun with some of her crazy, drunk rambles on Idol but she needs to make the decision, no matter how much or little Fox offers her. It is true that her chemistry with Simon was fun, even with all its awkwardness, but I don’t believe Paula makes Idol what it is. On the other hand, if Simon was leaving, well that would be very bad.


If American Idol dies after this season it will not be because Paula is not there, it’s because it’s been declining every year and maybe because some people are still upset that Adam Lambert didn’t win, which is dumb for me, I think he is better without winning it. Maybe it is because, well it’s time for Idol to go. I still enjoy it and will watch it, for some reason I cannot make myself watch America’s Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance with as much enthusiasm.

So… Dear Paula Abdul: Save Yourself. Any millions is better than No millions.

Ps. I believe it is all part of a publicity stunt, and that she will be back. This will make even more people watch the show to see if the interactions have changed. Even Simon assured that she is not going anywhere. If not, she may already have an offer with a show like SYTYCD.

What do you think?

Top American Idol Performances

Some people say that American Idol is a Talent Show, others call it a Singing Competition and some go as far as to call it just a Popularity Contest. But through its 8 Seasons there have been some contestants that have made some really memorable performances. There are contestants that have blown away the audiences through amazing renditions of known songs or just bringing to a new light an obscure song. So, without any more letters let the music speak for itself.

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson – Stuff Like That There (1st Place)

Season 1: Tamyra Gray – A Fool In Love (4th Place)

Season 2: Clay Aiken – Solitaire (2nd Place)

Season 3: Fantasia Barrino – Summertime (1st Place)

Season 3: Jennifer Hudson – Weekend in New England (7th Place)

Season 3: Latoya London – All By Myself (3rd Place)

Season 4: Carrie Underwood – Alone (1st Place)

Season 4: Bo Bice – In a Dream (2nd Place)

Season 5: Elliot Yamin –  A Song For You (3rd Place)

Season 6: Melinda Doolittle – I Believe in You and Me (3rd Place)

Season 6: Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad Name (2nd Place)

(not a fan of Blake but this performance just pushed the envelope and worked)

Season 7: David Cook – Always be My Baby (1st Place)

Season 7: David Cook – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

(Too many good performances to choose from)

Season 7: David Archuleta – Imagine (2nd Place)

(I’m not his biggest fan but he has a good voice)

Season 7: Jason Castro – Halleluia

(Wasn’t able to find good versions of Season 8 on YouTube)

For some Adam Lambert Performances videos from American Idol Click here!

These are some of my favorites. What are yours?

The Adam Lambert Show: Part 2

I have noticed how fans of Adam Lambert have flooded my blog so I decided to not keep all the pictures from the concert from them. Here are some more of Adam’s photos and videos… So, this one is for you Glamberts!


What Adam Lambert Wants…

So, as you may know or are about to know I’m a fan of American Idol. I enjoyed this past season and am happy with the outcome, even though I enjoyed Adam’s performances the most I believe Kris needed the win more than him.


So apparently a few years before being on Idol, Adam recorded some songs with a producer and this producer is now making an album which will be released later this summer. Lucky guy, he now can capitalize on all of Adam’s success from the show. The first single was released today on iTunes and although the production of it is not the best at all, Adam’s voice sounds really good.

Remember this album is not the one that RCA is producing for Adam, as part of coming second on the competition, that album is set to be released later in the fall. There are reports that some songs are being produced by Lady Gaga’s producer which would be interesting knowing that Adam is as flamboyant and theatrical as Gaga, if not more.


Anyway, I just got Adam’s single “Want” on iTunes and it sounds good, if you are an Adam fan like me you will enjoy it, it is a bit tamed down, similar to his version of No Boundaries, which I think is great.

Check them out on iTunes:

Want – Adam Lambert

No Boundaries  - Adam Lambert

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