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What to Expect from The X Factor

As you may already know there’s a new singing competition in town. The X Factor is starting this month and the only thing that most people know about it is that Simon Cowell is back. I, for one, have missed Cowell. Yes, American Idol had a very successful season without him, but the new judges are no Simon. Another thing that you may have heard is that Paula Abdul will also be a judge on The X Factor, along with music veteran LA Reid and former Pussycat queen Nicole Scherzinger. The X Factor is basically American Idol on steroids, it’s bigger and with more intricacies than the 10 year veteran. Will it trump Idol? I am not sure, but it has the potential to make a big splash. I have watched several seasons of The X Factor and was at one of the US tapings and really enjoyed the format, going by that I will quickly tell you what to expect.

It’s not just “The Voice”
Having watched the first season of The Voice (and actually enjoying it) I noticed that singing voice is not the deciding factor here. This show is about that special something that some people have, they may not have the best voice but there is something that just pulls you in. The have IT. And you will see, even in the audition process that the judges will put through people that are not necessarily Christina Aguileras or Jennifer Hudsons but there is something that makes you want to see them again, and again.

No Age Limit
One of the things that you will notice is that The X Factor has no limit of how old a contestant can be. With an age range from 12 to 200, you may see a fantastic contestant who is 13 years competing with another amazing one who is 55, who may have not had the chance in life to be famous but is a diamond in the rough.

Once the audition process ends, the real fun starts. The last 24 contestants are separated in four groups: Young females, Young males, Groups and Adults(Over 25). Each judge will have one of these groups and will carefully select the best six of that categories to be a part of his group.

The Judges do More
Not only will the judges personally choose six people to be a part of his/her team, they will mentor them, assist them in song selection(big plus), choreography, style, etc. This goes a little further than Idol because, here, the judges have the ability to have favorites and root for who they think deserves it more. It then becomes not only a competition between contestants but also between judges, which may irk some people with the mentality that “It is about the talent” but in reality, the judges are just rooting for who they think deserves it more.

Big Prize
The winning singer or group will get a recording contract of 5 Million dollars. Which is said to be the biggest prize given on a reality TV competition.

What I saw at the Live Taping
As I said before, I was able to be at one of the live tapings of the show and it was really enjoyable. The atmosphere was electric in some of the performances. As I said before there were some people that really didn’t have an impressive voice, but there was something that made me want to watch them every week on my TV. You may not know who Cheryl Cole is, she was one of the judges on the UK version of the show and I really liked her. After being brought in by Simon to take part of the panel of judges in the US version, it all fell apart. There are rumors that her accent was hard to understand and other reasons, but she got the boot. She was then replaced by former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, who has been doing the rounds on TV. She was a winning contestant on Dancing With The Stars and has performed on Idol and other shows. Here is what I saw live. Nicole cries a LOT. She got emotional about performances all night, and she was very repetitive on her comments to contestants. Yes, the show I went to was one of her first as a judge, so hopefully by the time the live shows start she has her act together. You may not even notice this because they will, for sure, edit that a lot. The chemistry between judges is very nice and it has the potential to get fiery since you can tell they all have strong personalities. And what else, Simon and Paula are back to their usual hijinks.

What do you think? Will you be watching The X Factor? Do you miss Simon as much as I do?

Idol, Striking While The Iron is Hot: Pia Toscano, Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina Official Videos

It seems that to a certain extent American Idol is learning from previous mistakes. I have always said that they miss out on striking while the iron is hot, letting the contestants’ names fade from people’s minds before any music or marketing is put out. This year, Pia Toscano, who was surprisingly eliminated early on the competition was signed to Interscope. In what has become a common event, the winner Scotty McCreery and the runner up, Lauren Alaina, where also signed. And a few weeks back it was announced that the famous growler, Haley Reinhart, also secured a recording contract with Interscope. Scotty and Lauren had their first singles as coronation songs, again, a normal move on Idol. But Pia, had a brand new single. We are still waiting for Haley’s first single, I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Not only did these three released singles but this week, videos for the singles were released. Watch them below! Who do you think has what it takes to make it in the long run?

Pia Toscano – This Time

Scotty McCreery – I Love You This Big

Lauren Alaina – Like My Mother Does

Funny Lady Melissa McCarthy to Host SNL

One of my favorite funny ladies at the moment , Melissa McCarthy, will be hosting Saturday Night Live when they come back for their 37th season. You may remember Melissa as one of the ladies on the summer box office hit Bridesmaids. Regarding Melissa, I started watching Samanta Who? on Netflix last week and was surprised to see her there as well. She was just nominated for an Emmy for her role on CBS’s comedy ‘Mike & Molly.

The 37th season of SNL premieres on the fall with Alec Baldwin as a host. Baldwin will break Steve Martin’s record hosting the show for 16 times.

Are you looking forward to see Melissa on SNL?

Cher Lloyd: New Song “Super Hero”

Just a few days after the release of her new video, an acoustic rendition of Cher Lloyd’s new song Superhero has hit the lazernets! And let me say, I love it much more than her actual single.

Watch the video below! Like?


Well well well, how the turntables: James Spader Joins The Office

Comedian James Spader has joined the cast of The Office, but it seems that he will not replace Michael Scott after all. At least not for long. It is said that James will replace Michael Scott, but will quickly be promoted to CEO of Sabre-Dunder Mifflin.

Paul Liberstein, who plays Toby and is one of the series’ executive producers said:

“James will reprise his role as Robert California, this uber-salesman that has a power to convince and manipulate, like a high-class weirdo Jedi warrior, he’ll have been hired over the summer as the new manager, but within hours, got himself promoted. Within days, he took over the company. James has an energy that is completely his own, and The Office has no tools for dealing with this guy. We’re thrilled he’s joining our cast.”

I quite enjoyed James performance on last season’s final episode . I felt like Jim did, this guy is either an idiot or a genius. A combination that can make great comedy. But still, who will replace Steve Carell as the boss? Who will be Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s new boss for good? The more I watch Catherine Tate on that episode, the more I like what they can do with her character. Let’s be real, they will not be able to find another Michael Scott, but they can sure bring a character that can revitalize the series. It worked for American Idol when the producers realized that there is no other Simon Cowell.

I have absolutely no idea. Who was your favorite of the guest stars bidding for the position?

Pia Toscano Gets Signed… New Song Coming Next Week!

No surprise there. Remember when Pia was eliminated from American Idol and everyone in the world cried? Ha! Well, it paid off, the outcry was heard and what was rumored is today a reality. Pia Toscano has been signed by Interscope Records.

Her first single, This Time, will be released on July 12th and she will also be singing it every night of the American Idol tour. If you have been following Idol as I have, you know that this doesn’t happen often. i have always said that Idol should strike the iron while it’s hot and they finally listened to me. Oh hai, Idol. You are welcome!

If you want to see a little bit more of Pia, go on to and see the 4th Kardashian sister in all her splendor. I wish her well, she really has a nice voice, hopefully they can slap the spirit of boredom off her. ;)

In other American Idol related news: David Cook’s second album sold around 44k copies, not great, hopefully it will keep selling. Scotty McCreery saw the release of his American Idol Highlights album this week as well with close to 39k copies sold, not bad, after having sold most of those songs on iTunes as well. Lauren Alaina, on the other hand, sold 19k copies. I guess America chose the right winner.

Excited about Pia’s Album?

Mourning Gleeks: No More Glee for Sam

Today we mourn. News broke last night that Chord Overstreet will no longer be on Glee when the 3rd season starts. Chord tweeted saying “well its been a good yr too bad its over, time for summer and starting fresh.” I’m not happy about it, Glee needs Trouty lips. There’s also news that Darren Criss and Harry Shum will become series’ regulars. Not impressed. Yes, Darren has become very popular in the show but Harry? Meh.

After watching The Glee Project I can see why Chord may be leaving. He certainly provides a healthy amount of eyecandy on the show, but the writers have apparently struggled to give him a good storyline. And now, that things were starting to look upwards, giving him a background of a troubled family and having him hookup with diva Mercedes… off he goes. Is it true? We’ll have to wait and see.

So, for all you Sam lovers out there I leave you with a small gallery of his best looks!

New Video: Swagger Jagger – Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd was one of the highest ranking contestants on the last season of The X-Factor UK. Mainly because she was different than the usual contestants on singing competitions, from her first audition the judges knew there was something special about the girl. She really rocked that audition(Watch Below). She did not win the competition but did enough to secure her place in the music business at least for now, sparking the interest of who apparently is helping her get established as a star.

Now, months after her last performances on the show she has just released her video for her brand new single Swagger Jagger. I like it, but I really don’t love the song. That chorus annoys me a bit. She looks pretty, the finally fixed her eyebrows. I’ve always thought she looks a bit like Cheryl Cole.

Watch her X-Factor audition after the jump!

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