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First Listen: Christina Aguilera + Adam Levine = Moves Like Jagger

Well, here we go! A few weeks back it was rumored that Xtina and Adam Levine were recording a song together and today we get the first listen of the song: Move like Jagger. Loving the sound of this! Their voices mesh very nicely and the beats are hot!

What do you think of the song from the superstar coaches of The Voice?

The Voice: Cee Lo Vs. Adam – 2nd Live Show

I really don’t know why but I still don’t have a favorite on The Voice. By the time that American Idol is showing real performances I have a couple of people singled out and that really hasn’t happened here. Last week I really enjoyed Dia Frampton, but I’m a sucker for Heartless being done acoustic. I still think Frenchie Davis has a lot more to give, she hasn’t shown all she has yet.

The results are in for Team Christina and Team Blake. On Christina’s case the public chose Beverly McClellan and Christina, after attempting to cry, chose Frenchie Davis. Good choices.

For Blake’s team the public voted for Dia Frampton (Yay!) which was not surprising since she was the highest one on iTunes charts, and Blake on a surprising move chose Xenia, who also was pretty high on iTunes, in Randy Jackson’s words, Blake is in it to win it!

But now, moving on to this week. Adam against Cee Lo.

Read my very quick reviews after the jump!

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Christina Aguilera and Lady Marmalade on The Voice… Lady MadTV?

I really love Lady Marmalade, the video was hot and last night’s performance on The Voice was great. I also love MadTV’s version… Lady MadTV, watch below.

Lady Mad TV

Dia Frampton Sings Heartless on The Voice

One of my favorite performances of the night! Very talented girl!

Frenchie Davis sings When Love Takes Over on The Voice

Live Blog: The Voice – First Live Show

This is it, the “gimmick” part of The Voice is over and today the public finally gets to vote for their favorites. This is going to be interesting, I haven’t been amazed by the contestants but I can appreciate that the coaches are using up to date music for the challenges. Even though the tricks may be over, the coaches still get to help the contestants week after week which in turns develops another competition among the coaches à la X-Factor.

One of the best ideas of the show was announced today, not only will the public be able to vote through the common channels but each contestant’s song will be available to download, and those downloads will also count as votes. Nifty.

Keep up with the show here and join in with your comments!

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Sneak Peek: The Voice Coaches do a Queen Medley

Tonight will be the first live episode of The Voice and the coaches, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Blake Shelton will be doing a Queen Medley that will include Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions. Check a sneak peek below to see what’s in store!

This can be pretty awesome!

It’s An American Idol Hoedown







This is it. American Idol season 10 is coming to an end. It’s been a good season, not great, but pretty good. The addition of the new judges along with some interesting contestants helped Idol not only stay alive but excel over last year’s ratings. Yes, you heard that right. This season had more viewers than last year’s, which had Simon Cowell as a judge. Count me surprised.

Overall, I believe the judges where good at selecting the contestants this season. The group was solid, so much so, that in a couple of instances the public was shocked when contestants were booted. Casey Abrams, one of the strongest musicians Idol has seen was given the judges’ save early on, which didn’t fare well for the season’s chanteuse, Pia Toscano, who in my opinion is a beautiful, talented and mildly boring performer who has the looks of a hot Kardashian sister. And even though the group was very varied, regarding musical styles, the girls were dropping like flies. Which doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing that the last three seasons of Idol have been won by boys.

Last season I got bored early on. I had a favorite, Siobhan Magnus, but I wasn’t hooked to the show the way I was on David Cook’s or Adam Lambert’s season. Say what you want about Fantasia, but she made we want to see every show of her season, because of how great of a performer she was. Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice kept me hooked all season long. But, last season could not do that. This season, I have been pretty consistent but what I find interesting is that it took me a while to root for someone. Yes, there were contestants that I thought were talented, cute, or had what it takes to make it big, but a favorite? No. Then, Haley Reinhart took that spot. I believe it happened when she and Casey did a duet on Moanin’. That was so hot. Add that to the judges being hard on her and some risky song choices and there I hopped on the bandwagon. And now she’s gone.

This leave us with two contestants who were basically named winners since their auditions. I am not mad, they are good kids and with the right amount of help could make it big. American Idol needs this. In order to solidify the show after the changes made for this season, they need a winner who will sell music. Lauren Alaina, can be very marketable and if she decides to break out and leave the insecurities about her voice behind, she can sell. But, I don’t think she will be able to beat Scotty McCreery. Not on Idol, not on sales. I remember on one of the first shows thinking: “This guy is going to be big”. I seldom like country music and I downloaded some of his songs off iTunes. After two winners who were outshone by their runner ups, Kris Allen by Adam Lambert and Lee Dewyze by Crystal Bowersox, American Idol needs a winner. Someone who will get the title and sell the music. And the winner will be… a country singer. For those that don’t believe a country artist can’t make it big after Idol, see Carrie Underwood. For those that think that a country teenager can’t make it big, see Taylor Swift.

What do you think? Who will win? Do any of this year’s contestants have what it takes to make it BIG?

Who Will Win Season 10 of American Idol?

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