Ellen DeGeneres Replaces Paula Abdul on Idol

Ellen DeGeneres

Who knew? A close friend sent me a message early last evening telling me that Ellen Degeneres has been selected as a replacement for Paula Abdul as the fourth judge on American Idol, to which I answered: Liar. Then he confirmed it with the direct link to the tweet from @FoxBroadcasting.

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After checking that and going to Ellen’s website and confirm it I was very happy for the selection. I apologized for calling my friend a liar, he gave me a little bit of drama, Ha!

So, why do I like this selection so much? Here is my opinion…

  • Ellen, like myself, has been following Idol since it started. And for what I’ve seen in her show, the day after Idol airs, she always has a valid opinion. In some occasions she agrees with Simon, in some she bashes him with a bit of love, which will make for a great dynamic.
  • Ellen is not in the music industry, but knows music from a consumer’s perspective, which is something that Idol has been lacking. I really believe she can be the voice of the people as a judge on Idol.
  • Ellen is funny, not “loopy, I’m drugged” funny, she has built a career on being funny and this could be great for a show that in the past seasons has started to show some wear.
  • Ellen is nice. Let’s get real, how many of Paula’s comments were a direct result of her long career in the music business, which by the way was revived by Idol? Not many, so I don’t see why people are fighting because of Ellen’s lack of experience. I’m pretty sure she won’t be saying to the contestants… You look beautiful, your hair looks great and other crappy comments.
  • Ellen is powerful. Come on, she is a star on her own right. She has one of the most famous talk shows out there, she is a spoke model for a cosmetic line that after using her went to 1st place in sales, she has won several Emmy’s and let’s not forget Idol IS a TV Show.
  • Ellen is gay. American Idol is a pretty gay show, and it became a lot gay-er last season with Adam Lambert. I am pretty sure that a big chunk of Idol’s demographics is gay, and that will grow even more now.
  • Ellen is coherent, to be a comedian you need to have a sharp mind and Ellen has one. I have to say, even though I enjoyed some of Paula’s train-wrecks I usually fast forwarded through them on my DVR.

So, what is your opinion? Good? Bad? OK? Who would you have chosen instead?

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One Response to “Ellen DeGeneres Replaces Paula Abdul on Idol”

  1. PO September 10, 2009 at 3:09 pm #

    I am an American Idol fanatic. Was extremely disappointed about Paula leaving the show. And now, I am very extremely disappointed that Ellen is the replacement.

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