Lady Gaga at 25, What Makes Her Different

While most pop singers collaborate with other contemporary artists, there is something different about Lady Gaga. At times it’s hard for me to remember that Lady Gaga is just 25 years old. Not only is she a record breaking artist, named one of the most influential people in the world and a fashion icon, she also plays with the big guys.

On her latest album, Born This Way, she collaborated with Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen, and Brian May, guitar player for Queen. And yes, her hit Telephone was a duet with Beyoncé who is a contemporary, but that is not all Lady Gaga is about. Lately she is sought after for collaborations with artists who are legends in the music industry.

During the 2010 Grammy’s Gaga performed a fantastic duet with Elton John in which they meshed their songs Speechless and Your Song. She wrote a song, The Greatest Thing, which is expected to be released this year being sung by Cher and her. Last week, she performed with Sting and again this past weekend for his Birthday. And she also performed a duet with Tony Bennett on his new album, singing The Lady is a Tramp, which you can watch below.

There are many reasons why I love Lady Gaga as an artist, and this is one of them, she loves what she does. Yes, she loves shocking people with her performances and fashion, but at the core all that she does is based on her love for music and art. She is flashy and crazy because she loves it, but give her a piano and a mic and she will still blow you away. Thing that many artists with great success are unable to do. Actually, some of my favorite Gaga performances are when it’s just her and the piano. Add to that the fact that she is an amazing songwriter and that, for me, is what tells me that her career will be a very long and successful one.

But again, can you really believe she is just 25? Wow.

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  1. Alexander January 15, 2014 at 10:55 am #

    Lady gaga is an inspiration for people everywhere. She express herself why everyone does what other people please, while she does what she loves and don’t care. I mean she can overdo it sometime like her meat dress, or the song Alejandro…. It is kinda awkward someone is sing about me and doing “stuff” on somneone…. But still and inspiration

    On the other hand she is crazy they say she has a man thingy too…. AWKWARD

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