So, are you getting a car?

A quick summary on how I was blessed with an awesome car…

Two weeks ago, while I drove to work I was day dreaming about a car. I was thinking how I thought it was time for an upgrade, especially since I always liked SUV’s more and didn’t have one at the moment. I was driving a 1995 Toyota Avalon which I got three years ago and resulted to be a great car. After using it for that time the car had started to show some wear and that was mainly the reason for wanting an upgrade.


That day, when I got to work a lady asked me out of the blue: “So, are you getting a car?”. I was a bit shocked by the question, especially since I was thinking about it on my ride to work, I asked her why she was asking that and she said that she just felt like asking. Anywho, it was interesting to me. I decided to look at SUV’s that I liked and in three different ocassions whenever I mentioned a Nissan Xterra, people had very good first hand experiences and recommended it. Well, after a week of thinking about it and looking at the best ways to go about it I was able to get a 2004 Nissan Xterra which is a beauty at a very good price and giving my car in trade in. The way all happened so smoothly and fast helps me see that God had his hand throughout the process. This is not the first time he does it, I will need to blog about those moments later.

So, with further ado here is my new car…

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2 Responses to “So, are you getting a car?”

  1. jose cardona August 24, 2009 at 4:45 pm #

    cuantos krros van cn ste?

    • Rand August 24, 2009 at 5:58 pm #

      Valgame no se, deja ver…

      Pontiac Sunbird Vino
      Pontiac Celebrity Negro
      Mitsubishi Expo Azul
      Mazda Protege Oro
      Ford Explorer Roja
      Pontian Grand Am Oro
      Toyota Avalon Gris
      Nissan Xterra


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