The Voice: Cee Lo Vs. Adam – 2nd Live Show

I really don’t know why but I still don’t have a favorite on The Voice. By the time that American Idol is showing real performances I have a couple of people singled out and that really hasn’t happened here. Last week I really enjoyed Dia Frampton, but I’m a sucker for Heartless being done acoustic. I still think Frenchie Davis has a lot more to give, she hasn’t shown all she has yet.

The results are in for Team Christina and Team Blake. On Christina’s case the public chose Beverly McClellan and Christina, after attempting to cry, chose Frenchie Davis. Good choices.

For Blake’s team the public voted for Dia Frampton (Yay!) which was not surprising since she was the highest one on iTunes charts, and Blake on a surprising move chose Xenia, who also was pretty high on iTunes, in Randy Jackson’s words, Blake is in it to win it!

But now, moving on to this week. Adam against Cee Lo.

Read my very quick reviews after the jump!

Casey Weston is a good singer, as are pretty much all the other contestants, but is she incredibly amazing? No.

The two sisters, Tori and Taylor, put on a good show but those vocals were weak, the song barely allowed them to showcase their voices really.

This girl right her, Vicci Martinez,  was great, loved how she started Jolene softly, just her and the guitar. She has a great voice.

Devon Barley had good vocals but he has the stage presence of a pickle. Good song choice, this is what I like about The Voice, I love the songs that the coaches are giving to the contestants.

Cee Lo’s team performance was very ‘Meh’. He sure rocked the wig though.

Nakia did a good job with “Sex on Fire” from Kings of Leon. Is he “The Voice”? I don’t think so, but he has a good one.

Jeff Jenkins needs to work on his breathing, he missed some spots of the song because of this. He has a good voice but nothing to get excited about. And, look, a song by one of American Idol’s most successful contestants, Carrie Underwood.

Adam’s team performance was enjoyable, not a fan of the screech he gave, brought memories of  Danny Gokey singing Dream On, and that is sad, but other than that Adam can do NO wrong. Le Sigh.

Cowboy dude, Curtis Grimes, was boring. He looks like he should be on America’s Got “Talent”. Wouldn’t be surprised if he goes home next week.

Javier Colon. Yeah, he’s on a whole different level than the others. Not usually the type of artist I root for, but he is the best.

I would send home Curtis and the sisters from Cee Lo’s team and Jeff and Casey from Adam’s.

Who’s your favorite? Who would you send home?

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