The X Factor: Day 4 Favorite Performance

We are done with the audition rounds. Yay! Next week we will see one of my favorite parts of The X Factor, Boot Camp, where contestants show their skills to a deeper degree, adding some dancing and performing to the mix.

But let’s talk about last night. As I mentioned in a previous post, the show was boring me a little, but this week managed to keep me entertained. They showed less disasters and more of the good auditions. But I still haven’t seen someone that has blown me away.

Some of the most memorable moments from last night show were the little Kanye wannabe brat, sorry, he annoyed me, I know it was part of his performance but meh. And then there was Ausem, two kids attempting to bring Glee to the show, the boy was alright, the girl was very bad. The judges knew this, and I know they wanted to just put him through, but they gave the duo a chance. There was also Cari Fletcher who sang Alone, and did it well, but in my book that song still belongs to Carrie Underwood. Another memorable one was Brennin Hunt, this guy has the whole package, he can sing alright, and definitely has the looks to make it, some people on my twitter timeline were flailing over him and rightfully so (See pic above).

Another cool spot was Tora Woloshin, girl is a mechanic, and has an interesting look, needs some polishing and cleaning up but has a good voice. She actually audition for Idol a few years back.

But my favorite performance of the night goes to Jazzlyn Little. I believe she won me over because of her immense lack of confidence, I wanted to shake her up and tell her to stop putting herself down. And then she sang, and everything was alright. She transformed into a beast while singing, her whole demure changed and Bam!

Now that the auditions are over, who is your favorite so far?

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