Kris Allen makes the Top 2. How?

Some people are surprised with Kris Allen being on American Idol’s top 2. I’m not. I think Kris has played the game better than most of the contestants throughout all eight seasons of American Idol. It all comes down to a term which is abused by the judges: Song Choice.


Week after week Kris just chose great songs, most of them songs that people could remember or hits that people already know. Not only that, he did something that helped David Cook win last season, he took those songs and brought his own spin to them, he was original.

That was my main reason for not liking Danny Gokey, he has a good voice but he streamlined through the whole season just singing good and nothing else. That is clearly not enough. A performer needs to be memorable, there has to be something about their performance that prompts people to go and buy their music, I didn’t get that with Danny. For example, the first time I saw Adele on SNL, right after the show ended I went and downloaded her album from iTunes. I don’t see that “it” factor with Danny.

Kris? Well, I am not the biggest fan of Kris but I have liked most of his performances, specially Falling Slowly, Ain’t No Sunshine and Heartless. I am pretty sure that with good management they can make him a good, marketable singer.


With Adam it’s a different story. You either love him or hate him. After each idol show his name keeps trending on Twitter for 12+ hours with a pretty even amount of people hating and loving him. I personally think that he has also played the game really well, when people would’ve expected an extravagant song he switched it up, he chose songs that people could feel emotionally connected too and some others that were… just plain craziness. But it works, he is an amazing performer and even though some people get freaked out by him, his screaming and his tongue, he sure is a great vocalist.

Next week will be interesting, two American Idol contestants that have played the game extremely well will go against each other. Will the already crowned by the judges extravagant singer win? Or will the dark horse underdog with a soft melodic voice take the crown?

We’ll have to wait. I for one am glad that Danny Gokey will not be in the finale.

iTunes link for Heartless by Kris Allen

iTunes link for One by Adam Lambert

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